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Standard Folders
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Foil Printed Glossy Folders

Choose from 13 standard foil colors printed on white glossy folders

Foil Printed Linen Folders

Linen standard-sized folders printed using your choice of 13 color foils

Foil Printed Uncoated Folders

Heavyweight uncoated 9x12 folders printed with foil. Choose from our 13 standard foil colors

Full Color Glossy Folders

Full color printing on glossy paper stocks, Standard-sized 9x12 folders

Full Color Linen Folders

Standard-sized 9x12 folders on linen stocks

Full Color Uncoated Folders

Full color print on heavyweight white uncoated folders

One-Spot Color Glossy Folders

One standard spot color printed folder on glossy heavyweight stock

One-Spot Color Linen Folders

Choose from standard ink colors printed on a linen folder

One-Spot Color Uncoated Folders

One spot color printed on white uncoated heavyweight stock. Choose from 13 standard color inks

Two-Spot Color Glossy Folders

Glossy folders printed using 2 of our standard spot colors. 13 colors to choose from

Two-Spot Color Linen Folders

Linen folders printed using two of our standard spot color inks. Choose from 13 ink colors

Two-Spot Color Uncoated Folders

Heavyweight uncoated folders printed two-color. Choose from our 13 standard ink colors.